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My day with Matthew

Yeah! Alleluia!!!
November 16, 2017

Part One! Have you ever met an angel that you could touch and see and talk to? Well, I have three, no,...Read more

The New Office Center Arrives

The Vision Marches Forward
November 13, 2017

"Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run....Read more

Automn Leaves

Old Dead Ones Hang On
October 18, 2017

In the last post entitled "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" I talked about the smoke that blinds us and causes us to lose hope....Read more

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"

Cloudy Vision
October 16, 2017

Well, I guess the Fall is here and there is no denying it; Just walk outside, Brrrrr. Summer is gone and Winter is around...Read more

In the "Wee Small Hours"

Prayer and Reflection
October 5, 2017

We want to thank our followers who have faithfully come with us on this blog journey as we are learning about blogging ourselves. This...Read more

"The Good Old days"

God, Prayer, Obeying God's Laws and the Laws of the land, Decency, order, respect for life, Respect, for God, morality, modesty, marriage between husband and wife, love of country, and respect for the elderly,
September 25, 2017

The title of our Blog is called the "The Good Old days" for a good reason. The voices of the world are so loud...Read more

Padre ...

St. Pio
September 23, 2017

Fr. Ron Mathews -

My friends Bob and Penny Lord, now in the Father's Kingdom, began calling me Padrecito. That is appropriate,...Read more


To Suffer or Not to Suffer
September 22, 2017

Fr. Ron Mathews -

In my last assignment, as Pastor in a rural parish in Northeast Louisiana, I was amazed to see that...Read more


September 19, 2017

Good morning, and may God be with everyone today as we begin another bright day of promise. Before we even begin, though, let us...Read more

The Face of Courage

September 10, 2017

From Nan: May these reflections give you hope for tomorrow!

From Fr. Ron:

So much to pray for. At the...Read more

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The Little Church of the Home

The Family Connection
May 21, 2019

After 10 years of caregiving what Jesus said, "Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."...Read more

Our Inspiration

St. Francis of Assisi
May 20, 2019

Our Lives here at Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home is all about Life. That is at the heart of a home, and...Read more

May 13, 2019 Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima

Mary, Mother of All God's Kids!
May 13, 2019

Mother Mary is Truly the Mother of the Living. This is at the Heart of Our Ministry as we Care for the Sick and...Read more