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October 18, 2017 - 11:54am
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Old Dead Ones Hang On

In the last post entitled "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"  I talked about the smoke that blinds us and causes us to lose hope.  This smothers our spirit and chokes off our life and how this affects not only our ability to reach out and help others but we often miss our own healing as we do for others.   We looked at how those that are homebound are facing going to a nursing home, assisted living or even hospice.  One problem is that neither of these places is "Home".

Tonight  the Autumn leaves are falling gently from the tree of Life.   Our lives are like that tree.   Year by year or maybe layer by layer thoughts, plans, places to go, things to see and people to meet begin to be part of the missed opportunities we  face each day.  There are those leaves, though, that stick on and never seem to go away unless a bitter cold north wind blows them off the tree.

These things are sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  The good ones are like traveling to meet your grandchildren that you haven't seen for a long time, planning a family Christmas with everybody together.  We might have memories of abandoment, unfinished symphonies of life, and relationships that brought pain and deep hurts others may just be stubborn illness that won't go away.   Yes another way of looking at the leaves on our tree of life.    How can we brighten others' lives that might be wearing a huge smile that covers worlds of hurt.

How do you begin the conversation?   Mostly we listen, sometimes to the same story over and over again,  but to them it is like the first time telling it.     How many smiles do you have to cover the days ahead.    How many trips to the grocery store to buy the special laxative, mouthwash, candy, ice cream or soda, or perhaps  it is that nightly glass of wine or can of beer.   People raise their eye brows at the mention of beer or wine but when my grandma was old, she drank 2 bottles of beer every night then slept like a baby.

Are you being called to open a home to make good memories, healing memories and life long memories for 1-3 persons whose lives are vulnerable for euthanasia or assisted suicide?    These practices are on the rise and at a dangerous rate.   medicare and medicade are losing the Financial battle;  Their solution to the problem?    call in Derek Humprys, the founder of the Hemlock Society, known everywhere as the greatest advocate for  euthanasia and assisted suicide..   They sought his counsel to help solve their problem as life expectancy rose and the "baby boomers " were coming on in phenomenal numbers.the slaughter of those who are vulnerable from the womb to the grave for they have become the victims of the new wave of killing in this country.   

Those are strong words, but we must begin to speak clearly about the truth of the Gospel "Thou shalt not kill"  and stop using the politically correct language that has brought so much confusion to the human heart.  "Euphamisims are words that make the appauling appealing".  That is how the message for life at the end of life gets clouded and families become victims of this practice unknowingly.

Your comments are welcome.   Let's start a conversation about the preciousness of LIFE and HOPE for the future.

We live in a throwaway generation.   Let us go treasure hunting and seek out these beautiful people that God is not finished with yet.    There is nothing more exciting than to see their faces come to light once they learn that they are going to a real ''Home".

How are your Autumn leaves falling this Fall?

God bless everyone and go make a nice cup of hot chocolate.   Yum- Yum


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