"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"

October 16, 2017 - 3:44pm
Cloudy Vision

Well, I guess the Fall is here and there is no denying it;  Just walk outside, Brrrrr.   Summer is gone and Winter is around the corner.   Can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is knocking at the door and Christmas is coming soon! This year has moved so fast.

The Fall often  brings on that nostalgia that sometimes leaves us in a melancholy mood.  We start to think of what "I" could have done and didn't get done this summer.  Maybe it gives us time to think about loved ones gone home to the Lord and how lonely we are for them.  Perhaps we have dreaded memories of painful family gatherings. 

We cannot change the past but we can build our future by doing something different in our next moment.  Do something for someone else and don't look for a reward.    The truth is, God gives us a new slate to write on each moment of every day.  Write something new and  life-giving on your page today.  

Each season has its own fresh beginning and brings with it new life with a new perspective if we let it.                                            

A fresh start!  Wow!  let's take a new fresh look.  The Fall brings lively colors all around and often the smell of the wood burning stoves in the  evening air when you're outside taking a cool crisp walk.  

What kind of smoke gets in your eyes?  Is it big black smoke that chokes you Or is it the kind that makes your eyes burn?   Is it that acrid smell of rotten moldy wood?   What do we do?  Do we become paralized with coughing and sputtering standing there  letting the smoke choke us and cloud our vision when only steps away there is clear air?    

Let me take you to my Friend.     His name is Jesus and  He brings healing of the past and Hope for the future.    The enemy blows the smoke of hopelessness in Your eyes and it burns and blinds you.   Remember, you are not  alone.   Come with me while we walk  into the fresh air, cough out that old ugly tarry smoke. take a deep breath  and  take another look through eyes that are clear.  As our Pastor once said, "people do not steal our peace we give it away".  Hold on to your peace and trust in Jesus.  He will restore your HOPE.

I hope that you have been led on a personal journey of hope and healing.   Perhaps during this reflection you have been able to grasp hold of just a very tiny taste of the reality that comes as we grow old and/or sick, when there is no one who seems to care and you begin to feel like a burden on family and society itself:  Where HOPE is lost and only waiting and emptiness surround us.     

This is why Homes of Life Across America is reaching out to those who can help to create the kind of safe places that are filled with life, love and  HOPE for tomorrow whether it is here or with Jesus, "Hope never disappoints" Romans 5:1-5.   Family life  brings life and love with the heart of Jesus at the center of the home.   That is what makes the difference.  Life, Hope, Mercy where prayer makes the difference.    

God is not calling perfect people only people with lots of love and mercy in their hearts.  He will equip you with the rest of what you need.   

Contact us today for more information.  

Remember when the "smoke gets in your eyes"  get out of the fire and into the fresh air of Gods love.


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