In the "Wee Small Hours"

October 5, 2017 - 4:58am
Stas Ovsky 249571
Prayer and Reflection

We want to thank our followers who have faithfully come with us on this blog journey as we are learning about blogging ourselves.  This morning at 1:30 AM, I was watching EWTN as I often do when I wake up at that time.  Sometimes the temptation to watch other programs is strong because I want a faster pace, so to speak.  But often I am "called" to stick with it and I am always blessed.   This morning started off with St. Francis and ended with St. Therese of Liusiux (for me) at 3:30.  By that time I just wanted to run into the Chapel and let the tears just fall down my cheeks as I realized how much other attractions grab for my attention.  God has given us such  incredible opportunities to love Him and I have been letting them fall into the rhelm of thinking about "doing it", but from a desk or busy chair!  How I wept and asked God forgiveness and asked Him to wash over me with His Divine Mercy.  Boy, how empty I felt and I knew how much I need Jesus.   I prayed for a new start and that every moment I go backwards He will pull me forward.   Some days are harder than others but we all feel this way sometimes.  What is different is when we allow Jesus to take our hand and lead us through each moment, not each hour or each day, but each moment of the day.    In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning was a favorite song of mine in college days, but back then it led to thinking of boys and dates and human relationships and not always the purest but certainly worldy, not religious.  This morning, 60 years later, that phrase means something all together different.  It means quiet hours, peaceful and reflective hours with Jesus, loving Him and being loved back and thinking of how much I want to love Him more and just go back to my old ways.  I cry and  ache inside as I long to love Him with the love of the Saints in heaven. with A sacrificial love and an all consuming fire.   Please Jesus help me, be with me as I go back to sleep a little more before I begin another day.  Give me your love for all those I encounter especially our patient/residents and our workers, my family, Fr Ron  and may I add, all those  I come in contact with today.  Jesus help me!  And may He help you in the challenges you meet today.  God be with you and may you find Him in the Wee Small Hours of your morning.

P.S.:  I was thinking just how nice the rain sounded, when Ed  came in and told me that we needed to pray for our cotton farmers and our corn Farmers because this continued rain and cold weather is causing mold in the corn and the cold won't let the cotton finish maturing.  Let Us Pray!


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