September 22, 2017 - 12:03am
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To Suffer or Not to Suffer

Fr. Ron Mathews -

In my last assignment, as Pastor in a rural parish in Northeast Louisiana, I was amazed to see that my new parish had a crucifix that I have seen few times in my life.  "Jesus in Agony" is an image of the Suffering Savior, one of which hangs in our chapel at Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home in Hartley, Texas.  The symbolism is so profound. Jesus is looking up to the Father, and has us on His mind as He asks that we be forgiven.  Our Ministry here is to the sick and terminally ill at the end of their lives.  The prolife motto of defending life from conception to natural death can be seen here.  Natural death.  Every effort is made to extend loving care, compassion, to those who are the most vulnerable, the aged members of our human family. Suffering is not on anyone's "bucket list," but cannot be avoided.  Many people try.  So, how to deal with it...suffering, that is.  All the saints give us the example of "heroic living."  To be a person with courage in the face of trial and turmoil, tragedy and pain, is the call we have in following Jesus, Who endured it for us.  As a Priest of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I have seen and experienced suffering.  Can any honest person deny this?  Do we cry over it? Maybe.  Scream and yell and ask God "why me?"  Oftentimes.  When I gaze at the Crucifix, not just the Cross, but the representation of my Savior on the Cross, I find that I am able to embrace His Feet, and join Our Mother Mary at His side, like John did.  "To Suffer or Not to Suffer, that is the question!"  It is the question since so many find it a contradiction to their understanding of the value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we are guaranteed as citizens of the United States of America.  I would like to know how you, reading this blog, understand the meaning and value of suffering.  How do we address this when we see it in our circle of family and friends?  Please make a comment.  Jesus had Compassion on all those who suffered that He encountered.  His Mercy and Love are ready to be poured out upon us.  What to do with the pain and confusion that takes my mind off of Him?


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