Hope and Expectation

January 17, 2018 - 11:27pm
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Something Good is about to happen!

As I sat and watched the Demographic  Movie, outlining the situation we are finding ourselves in, I was struck by the shocking statistics, and the apparent disregard for the Truth.  The fear of overpopulation and lack of Trust in God mingled with a selfish concern for comfort and self-fulfillment, has led our human race into a dark place.  In our websites www.homesoflife.net and www.loretoontheplains.org, as well as our facebook pages, like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness, we have a despeate message to shout out!  Life, all life, especially human life, is so very sacred, valuable, and priceless.  To serve others with a heart filled with Mercy, Love, and Genuine Care is what we are about in this Personal Care Home.  We challenge all who hear us to do the same; open your home to care for those who are approaching the end of their pilgrimage on this earth.  To give hope is to expect from God, the source of all hope, the grace to gently touch a brother or sister, even if they are wrinkled and gray. To expect is to wait for your hope to be realized.  At the moment God is ready, Life will burst forth from the expectant one.  Every child is made in God's Image.  Every Hope comes from Him, Who is our Hope.  A Personal Care Home is just that; a home where personal care is the norm.  No short cuts to the end of life.  Life is to be defended from conception to natural death, no exceptions, since these are God's Rules, not ours. (re-visit the Ten Commandments) Let us renew our efforts today, ... to Pray.  That is first.  As Lent approaches, what a time to begin.

       Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Holy Family of God, pray for us as we begin to share in our blog what is really important; may our readers have ears to hear!

In Jesus, the Lord,

        Fr. Ron Mathews


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