May 13, 2021 - 1:54pm

Hello brothers and sisters, lovers of Jesus people of God anointed by the Holy Spirit! Today is the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven! This begins the Novena, the first Novena, the early church the people of God the disciples the Blessed Mother and all those who believe in Jesus waited for the Holy Spirit to come and the church would be born! In 10 days we celebrate Pentecost! We want to announce that we are planning a praise rally on that day Sunday May 23rd just 10 days from now and want you to come and join us! We will gather to praise God to hear testimony to worship our Lord and King and to call upon a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit Upon Us Upon Our Country about our church upon the whole world. We will have a special guest by the name of Marty Rotella who will join us and minister to us as a part of our celebration. Please mark your calendar May 23rd you may begin to gather at 4 we expect to be finished by 9. This is a community Gathering like the early church where it says in the scripture the community of Believers were of one mind and one heart and they gathered together and shared with one another and praise sharing love sharing their needs sharing everything that is what community is all about. Please mark your calendars to join us at Holy Family Ministry Center 1270 Central Avenue Hartley Texas 79044. Come to Hartley go west over the railroad tracks follow the blacktop Road and you will see us on the right hand side. We will share more later but please mark your calendar and join us here to celebrate the love of God the outpouring of his holy spirit and the life that Jesus has already paid the price for that we might have life abundantly in his name. Peace and love - father Ron Mathews, Ed and Nan Weber Mercy Servants of Christ crucified


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