We Need Revival

February 20, 2021 - 6:42pm
Let Us Turn to Jesus again, and again!

It is sooo cold outside.  Thank God and Praise be to Him that the Holy Spirit is not cold, but extremely hot!

The dismantling of America and all our ideals, freedoms, and true joys, continues.  A movement that is a long time in the making.  President Trump forced this out into the open when he dared to tackle the Swamp Elite in Washington, D.C.  Most Americans, myself included, had no idea of the corruption!  Voting for  Biden was not an option, yet many did ... Now we are going to see a quick escalation of destruction so that Atheistic Communistic Socialism can, in the words of Shumer, "change America."  

I have no power, no money, no political influence, just the freedom, that can not be taken from me, to go to The Father, and beg for mercy.  Perhaps, like at Nineveh, he will "change His mind" and hold.back His Righteous Anger. 

America, Joe Biden, he does not deserve the title President, will spend his few months in office signing away our freedoms. When he leaves, Kamala (comma-luh) will be given "absolute power," which she already begins to use, becoming the most powerful woman in the world, and with so much money and power behind her, will move forward with an agenda that only a former "paramour" could contrive.  

I can place all my concerns at the feet of Jesus, where I am at this moment, and.trust Him to "take care of it all."

Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us all!  Mother Mary, pray for us!  St. Joseph, Patron of the Church, head of the Holy Family, husband of Mary, Foster-Father of Jesus of Nazareth, pray for us!

Let anyone reading this know and understand that we are engaged in a battle to save our beloved homeland. 

I stood at the spot where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. That was in August of 1985. With 15 other pilgrims, 3 of us were priests, and one deacon, we wept over America.  

America, America, how is it that you have not recognized the time of your visitation. 

Our selfishness and total surrender to the values of the world (abortion, same sex unions, re-defining marriage, hatred and bigotry, violence, pride and arrogance in regard to God's Law, ... The list goes on and on, .. ) have caused such a rupture in the moral fabric of America, even the American Bishops have fallen prey to it all.

I just add my voice, as I have done before, to the many who actually love America, those in power at the moment obviously do not (by their fruits you will know them) and encourage you in the strongest way I can, to resist the efforts to "change" America, and Pray for her.

One thing we do on a daily basis is pray the Patriotic Rosary...praying for those in leadership, even if in the Swamp!  Pray for their conversion. This Lent is a time for that!!! Pray and Sacrifice.  

Another thing we are privileged to do, ... Adoration of Jesus Christ, His Body and Blood, live stream at 9 p.m. every night. If you want to join us ... On Facebook, Nan Weber page.  We pray and adore.  The Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy are at the heart of this hour of power. We meditate, also, at this time, on the Passion of Jesus as we reflect on one of the Stations of the Cross. We share these words as well ... 

Jesus, I Surrender myself to you ... Take care of everything. 

These are desperate times.  We cannot sit idly and wait ... 

Prayer is not the last resort ... It is the first thing we do... and the last!!!

Let us take back America. We can do it, if we allow God to do it!
      Pray, fast, do penance, celebrate worship with your community (do not let Sister Covid stop you), and live at Peace with your neighbor!
          This is the Peace plan Our Blessed Mother Mary has been asking us to take up! Will you respond to her call?

In the Love of the Holy Family, the Model for all families,

Ed and Nan Weber
Fr. Ron Mathews
Mercy Servants of Christ Crucified


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