Giving Hope Where there is "NO"hope.

September 6, 2017 - 9:43pm

"New Pathway" Hits Small Neighborhood

by Nan Weber

Today was a marvelous day taking one of our patients out to the doctor and having lunch with her son and a friend we all know. The surprise was that Tom*, the brother of the friend, showed up. Tom looked wonderful. The last time we saw him he was given a bleak report of cancer. We all prayed with him several months ago and hadn't heard anything until much later that he was doing much better.

Today he told us of a very nice woman that he met and she lived right across the street. He got more excited as his story unfolded. His new friend began to introduce him to others in the neighborhood. She called him up one evening and said she wanted to introduce him to one of the gentlemen there on the cul de sac. They walked over to Jim's* house and were invited in. Jim was on hospice and had no hope of recovery. As they visited he began to share more and much was the sadness and helplessness that he was feeling as he just waited for the end to come. As they talked, it became clear that he had no real hope that things were going to change. Then Tom began to ask about his work before he got sick, they found that they had many things in common and Jim brightened up and they talked and talked about more and more points they had in common.

Tom told me that his heart just opened and he wanted to be Jim's friend. Tom's face lit up as he continued the story. One morning he looked out his window and there was Jim picking up rocks from around his flower beds. They were big and heavy for sure and Tom went over right away to see what in the world Jim was doing! Jim had gotten up and said he was tired of those old rocks so he decided to clean up his flower beds and get some new border material, new plants and new plans. Tom got busy and helped him pick up all the rocks and off they went to Lowes and got all the materials and came home laughing, visiting, joking and ready to go. Tom had never see Jim so happy. When they finished they sat there to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The next day Tom invited Jim over but Jim had other plans. He was going to a baseball game with some friends. That was great! Tom was going to have a celebration meal and cook some steaks for his friend but had the impression the he should cook an extra one. Later that night about 12:15 pm the phone rang and woke Tom up. "Tom this is Jim." "Where have you been today?" "Out with my old buddy's at a baseball game. Hey, would you have anything to eat? We never stopped to eat and I am starved. "Tom got up and with joy in his heart heated up the steak and fixed the platter full of tasty leftovers and took it over to Jim. "Boy oh Boy that looks delicious. Thanks Tom you want to come in?" "Not tonight Tom, but I'll take a rain check" Tom left and climbed back in bed. About an hour later, Tom told us with a grin all over his face, the phone rang again. It was Jim. "Thanks so much, Tom, that was so delicious and I'll even get 3 more meals out of it." Both men said good night. Tom's face glowed as he shared his story. You see Tom also was being healed of the focus on himself to the focus on someone else.

THIS is Homes of Life Across America and no one had to build on or move in or out! This is a neighborhood where the "Love Thy Neighbor" scripture took on a whole new meaning for these two strangers who became friends and gave hope and purpose to life to each other. New Friends, New Family, New Focus for the Future. Living better this day! "Giving Hope where there was NO Hope" 

*Names changed for privacy


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